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Why Solar Power In Saskatchewan?

Solar Power Potential Saskatchewan
The above image shows how much power the average solar system can produce in each province. Image provided by Solar Panel Power Canada.

According the data collected by National Resource Canada, Saskatchewan has the largest solar resource in all of Canada. This means that solar panels in Saskatchewan can produce more electricity per square foot than anywhere else!

Saskatoon Environmentally Friendly Energy

Environmentally Conscious

As the world continues to grow at a rapid pace, finding solutions to secure our energy future becomes increasingly important. Harnessing the power of the sun offers a vital piece of the puzzle, as the ability to generate renewable energy allows us to sustain energy use while reducing detrimental effects on the planet. SaskPower is aiming to generate 50% of their electricity with renewable energy by 2030, it’s our goal to bring this incredible power source to homeowners directly.

  • Equivalent to planting 127 trees per year
  • Save 1.2 tonnes of CO2 per year

Financially Feasible

Long gone are the days of solar panels being a financial burden used only by mad scientists and environmental zealots. Increasing economies of scale and technological advancements allow your average home to cover their energy use for approximately $17,500.  Based on a conservative lifespan of 25 years (most panels have a usable lifespan of 33 years) your energy costs in Saskatoon are 14.5 cents/kwh, which is higher than the current kwh cost in Saskatchewan of 13.2 cents.

  • Lower cost per kwh than SaskPower
  • Save over $10,000 in the first 20 years

Commercial Solar Application Saskatoon

Sask Energy Rates - Solar Payback Comparison

A Smarter Investment

Not only do solar panels make you money in the long term, but they also add value to your home. Recent studies show that homes with panels are being appraised at a premium compared to comparable homes. An investment that pays for itself? Seems like a win-win to us.

  • Increased home value
  • Stable, long term investment
  • 25-Year solar panel warranty

We Make Switching To Solar Easy!

(4 simple steps)

1) On-Site Analysis & 3D Modeling: We assess your property to note optimal solar placement while informing you about possible government incentives. A free quote means no risk to discover your solar potential!

2) Solar Quote Review:  A comprehensive review will outline the potential for solar generation, cost of your system and projected payback period.

3) Permits and Approval:  No need to stress about paperwork. We deal with all necessary documents, including City and SaskPower requirements.

4) Installation: Our trained technicians will install your system ensuring quality and timeliness. We have an electrician and carpenter on every crew. Upon completion, the solar array will be commissioned and a complimentary energy audit will be provided.

Solar House 3D Modeling
This is a sample 3D modeling that we would do for your home

Saskatoon Solar Install
Here is a photo of one of our Saskatoon solar installs


Our Dedicated Customer Service:  From quote to commissioning, we stand by our customers. Always available to answer any questions through the process or after the install, we are here to make your solar experience a positive one!

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